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The Origin Of Scapes

Ok, so after 30+ years of fiddling with synthesizers, I start thinking “Music Is Boring”, what else can I do with synths?

I was super into 1930s-40s radio plays, sound effects, and Brian Eno. So... What if I try to make the sounds of nature and life with technology?

So I checked to see if anyone else had done it first. After a lot of online research, it seemed that only a few have ever attempted this without recording or sampling. See the “extended version” for more insight on this history.

After recreating presets and sounds for my classes for 20 years, I got the hang of being able to hear something and figure it out. Naturally, I was like, “Hey, what if I treat walking down the street as a preset?” And I started listening. And listening.

I treated crickets and crows and brooks and high heels like they were all presets and started thinking about how to make them.

For two years.

Then, I was like, oh this is nifty! Maybe I’ll put it online, but with the original Ableton Live files too, so producers can check it out and make their own scapes. Because they’re like little stories and they’re fun to make and fun to perfect, if you have the patience.

Have fun with these. Hit me up if you make something cool.

PS: It’s VR for your ears. Keep that in mind as you make your own stuff.

PPS: You can use these scapes to build something new (Creative Commons), but please don’t take credit for my stuff.

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