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Now what? (August 2017 Edition)

Okay, so once upon a time — back when I began developing presets for various companies and beat-matching interesting tracks — I started a different blog. It was kinda goofy and after the first year or two, I didn’t feel like updating it very much because social media was totally becoming “a thing”. Like, the only thing, for a while. So, like everyone else, I put more energy into that. That said, connecting with friends, fans, and other producers via social is something I still appreciate and genuinely enjoy to this day.

Ultimately, I used the previous blog to post free synth stuff that I made, because I want to meet other producers and share my knowledge with the synth community.

That of course, led to Symplesound. And via Symplesound I still give away tons of free stuff and have no plans to stop (so you should sign up for the Symplesound mailing list for the quarterly blast).

So, this website is a new path and I’m still deciding what to do with it. I know there will be more free goodies, but I also think it could be a useful outlet for sharing tips I've gathered after a few decades of doing this. Especially for artists who are just starting out.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I know my questions are pretty interesting.

We’ll see what happens…